Thursday, March 3, 2011

Funkuponya @ The Starlight Cafe 2/25... Greenville Gets Funked.

Funkuponya is a jazz/funk quartet from Raleigh and play at a musical caliber that far exceeds the norm for Greenville.  It was exciting to have them here, and exciting to think that Greenville may once again be in a position to host a more expansive live scene.  As the evening crowd filtered out of The Starlight Cafe and the funksters moved in, Funkuponya warmed up with some cool mellow dinner jazz.  This was promptly followed by a couple sets of the louder and funkier variety that included jazz and funk recent classics such as Robert Walter's "Adelita" and Galactic's "Go Go."  Between the unique covers, the band's originals stand out.  The band does openly admit to finding much creative inspiration in songwriting from food ("Mixed Greens" and "The Garlic"), but also have ventured towards inspiration from a higher power with the revival-inducing "Sacred Secret."  The gospel rollicker also includes a strong Dead-esque "Lovelight" tease that comes as a welcome surprise.  Although they base their musical directions in funk and jazz, it is easy to see in the live setting that they are four outstanding musicians that span genres. So the next time they are here in Greenville, or in whatever town you are in, be sure to look for some Funkuponya!

      Doug Carter (guitar)
      Carl Blackwell (drums)
      Brian Werner (organ and keys)
      Leo Kishore (bass)


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  2. Pretty pictures. Love the atmosphere and the puppets!

  3. Thanks! That would be "Animal" overlooking the drums!

  4. You are an artist!!! I am impressed. Keep up you good (and hard)work.